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Mommy Goes… Northern Ireland, Day 5.


This morning we woke up to a beautiful sight out the window of the fog just over the tops of the mountains and more sun.


*Breakfast crew enjoying cereals, hard-boiled eggs, bread, and juice.

Bill & Shirley shared a morning devotion time with us that correlated nicely with the one from last night. It is neat to see how God speaks to each of us in a way that comes together to emphasize something.


*Willow holding Daddy’s hand during the prayer time.

After breakfast, Andrew was kind enough to take us on a tour of the castle and share a bit of the history of it with us.


*This is the front entry gate into the castle courtyard.


*The front door of the castle.
You can see it was stamped above the bottom left windows with ‘WRA’ for, William Richard Ansley, the man who owned and built the castle. Above the window on top of the door is the year 1856 for the year the castle was constructed.


*Here is the castle cellar. They built up wooden archways and then laid the brick and mortar from above to allow it to set in the curved shaped ceilings.


*Amy George whispering secrets to Willow. Emery does this with her too, so she found it quite funny.


*Miriam Storie cuddled with Willow while we waited for Andrew to take us up to the turret. We had to go in groups of eight, because the spiral staircase is so narrow of a walk to the top.


*The view from the top of the turret.


The next stop was the library. There are a lot of neat old books on the shelves, and there is detailed work everywhere you look. There is also a neat hidden passageway that leads into the Dining Hall.


*Willow cuddled up with Ladeana and Wanda on the couch. She was painting princesses with Ladeana on her phone.

After the tour we split up in to two groups. Half of our team headed into the Tollymore Forest, and the other half went over to Newcastle. Ryan headed off into Tollymore, as he really had been looking forward to seeing where C.S. Lewis got his inspirations for Narnia. Channel, Ladena, Willow and I ventured off together in Newcastle. It’s a quaint little town with lots of nice local shops and places to grab a bite to eat.


*Here are a few pictures Ryan took on his trip to Tollymore Forest.

One of the first stops we made was at a local wool shop. There was a lot of colorful knits and yarns to choose from, but the most eye catching items in the store were the handmade sweaters, blankets, hats, and gloves. I had been keeping my eye out for a nice handmade sweater for Willow and I, but there were so many to choose from that I had a tough time deciding. I finally settled on a simple white sweater, as I knew it would go with a lot of her outfits. I also found her a really fun pair of mittens that look like little minks. 😂

We walked in and out of a few charity shops, a local candy store, and some different boutiques. I was beginning to think that I wasn’t going to find me a nice Irish sweater, but the last stop we made was to the Newcastle Information Centre. All the way in the back corner and under a pile of other items was where it lay….my sweater. It is perfect! It’s a neutral tan color, long, it has pockets, and the best part are the grandpa buttons. I just LOVE it! 😍

Then we headed off to the boardwalk to eat our lunch by the Irish Sea. I could have sat there for probably the rest of the trip. The sea just goes for miles and the sound is so soothing. Off to the left the coast runs up to a point where there is a lovely lighthouse at the end. The coast off to the right is lined up with all types of houses going up the hill. It’s just breathtaking.


*View of the Irish Sea from the boardwalk in Newcastle.

We got back to the castle and got gathered together to head to downtown Castlewellen for dinner. We met the other half of our team, the Irish, for a nice meal at Maginn’s.


*Waiting to head downtown for dinner.


*The pub was all decorated for the Halloween holiday. Deirdre said that it is becoming decorated almost as big, if not bigger, than Christmas now days.



*I had Shepherd’s pie and Lamb dinner. Ryan had a chicken curry for his dinner. Both were delicious.


*Willow loving on her daddy at dinner.


*For dessert Ryan had pavlova with cream and fruit, and I had Maltesers, my favorite U.K. candy, cheesecake. It was sooooo creamy!


*Dinner pictures.


*Most of The Way team at Maginn’s Pub for dinner.


Tomorrow starts The Way, and everyone is very excited!


  1. Terri Bargerhuff

    It has been very special to see all you did while there! Glad you could share like this!

  2. Maureen Fenske

    Have a safe trip home after a wonderful week in Ireland. We have so enjoyed going along with you by blog and pictures. LOL

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