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Mommy Goes…..The Way, Northern Ireland

This is a delayed post, and I apologize as I’ve been in packing, moving, and unpacking mode. Please enjoy my following post about the last leg of our mission trip, the mission work part! 😊:

Thursday was the first day of The Way, so it was all hands on deck to get rooms and things together before the Irish arrived for the weekend. The Way is a Christian event in which a man or woman can come and experience Christ and the body of Christ in a unique way over the course of a weekend.

Thursday morning breakfast was quite lively with Americans and Irish mingling together.


*Breakfast together in the Dining Hall.

I had gotten quite behind on the blog front due to lots of activity and little internet access. However, I did find a nice place to blog by the fire in the main lounge.


*Fireside working on the blog.

A few of us had to move around the castle a bit to make room for the Irish guests coming that evening, so the morning was also spent transitioning places around the castle.

The few Irish team members who hadn’t arrived yet arrived in time for lunch. For lunch we got to have pizza! We also had salad (which they don’t eat with dressing, just plain), chips (fries), and squash drink. Dessert was a lovely rice crispy chocolate square.


*Lunch buddy, Chennel.

The rest of the afternoon was spent getting things set up and ready for the evening guests to arrive. Dinner was Shepherds pie, which is my fave and it was delicious, and a yummy sugar covered cake donut! Willow really enjoyed all of the mashed potatoes she’s been getting.


*Last meal before the guest arrive.

*Table clean up with Chennel.

Soon everyone started showing up for the weekend kick off and the ballroom was packed! This weekend had the most guests they’ve ever had attend! The ballroom was so full that many of us had to enjoy the service from the hallway! Praise the Lord!

The next few days of the weekend I got to spend serving wherever help was needed. I enjoyed being able to take a backseat and watch the faces of each person there experience it all. Seeing some go from wanting to leave to having big smiles was such a neat thing.

While I got to serve, Willow got to know Rebekah. Rebekah was a huge help in playing with Willow so I could serve meals, clean, set up tables, or whatever else was needed. Willow did really well, which made it easy for me to go help.


*Rebekah and Willow playing over the course of the weekend events.


*Rebekah had this huge stuffed animal that Willow just loved. It was so cute!


*Willow and Deirdre also became good buddies.


*Willow & her buddy, Harrison, enjoyed playing together again at the castle.


*Willow made lots of friends while at the castle.


*This was one of my other favorite meals from the weekend. The dessert was absolutely amazing!


*One of the Irish men got Willow hooked on these UK cheese puffs. They were delicious!


*Theresa & Willow enjoying Daddy playing the guitar one evening. 😊

At the end of event some of the Irish got a chance to share what The Way meant to them. For me, this was such a neat thing to hear and be a part of as I spent the majority of my time serving and not getting to know them one on one.

Here are a few things that were said that were encouraging to hear:

– “There is always more with God. The blessings never stop with Him.”
– “The Way confirmed God’s love for me and affirmed that I am His child.”
– “I found something I didn’t know that I was looking for, and I am going to look after it very well. ”
– “I felt touched by the prayers and by the people (over the weekend).”

There were a few who accepted Christ for the first time and there were several who rededicated their lives to Christ! Thank you, Lord! What a blessing to have been able to be a part of these life transformations! How encouraging to be able to witness God moving and alive in another part of the world!


*As the event was ending, Ryan hopped up and led us in the ‘Irish Blessing’ as we said our goodbyes to the Irish guests.

The remainder of our time in Ireland was spent over a last meal together at the castle, packing up our things for our flight in the morning, and enjoying one last evening fireside.


*Willow loves the Lindsay’s!


*Our last morning devotion together as a group before heading to the Dublin airport.

The flight back was a little more challenging than the way there since we traveled during the day this time, but overall Willow was amazing. The Aer Lingus staff, on both flights, were extremely kind and friendly. I would definitely fly with them again. 😊


*Flight home pictures.

This trip was such an awesome experience, and I was so blessed to have been a part of an amazing ministry. We made friends there that we hope to keep in contact with forever, and hopefully we will be able to see again sometime.

Thank you, Deirdre for your hard work and amazing food! Thank you, Rich and Theresa for asking us to go on this mission trip with you! Thank you, Jean and Ted for your awesome organizational skills because it made traveling easy! Thank you to my sister, Breanna, and my mom, Terri, for keeping our son so we could go. Thank you for our financial and prayer supporters of our trip. And thank you, Lorna and Andrew for hosting us and this wonderful event so we could play a small part in God’s big workings in Northern Ireland!


*The Castlewellen Castle we stayed in in Castlewellen, Northern Ireland.

~Until we meet again….may God hold you in the palm of His hand! 💕🇬🇧🙏🏻

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    Enjoy taking this trip with you and your beautiful family minus one. Thanks for sharing . Blessings to you in your new home

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