Mommy Goes…The top 15 things I miss about Indiana.

Last week officially marked two months since we moved to Michigan. I have neglected the blog during this time, as I been pretty busy unpacking, settling in, and adjusting to our new lives here. This has mainly been to avoid facing all of the feelings of leaving behind a life I’ve had for almost 30 years. New and different isn’t bad, but it has come with its challenges and roller coaster of emotions at times.

During these past couple months I made a list of things that I miss about our little farm house and town back in Indiana, so I can always remember the great things about ‘HOME’. It was hard to narrow it down to a short list, but in an effort to save some time here are my top 15.

A house with a legacy 🏠

Something I loved about living at our farm house is that it was my grandparent’s. I have so many memories with my grandparent’s in that home.

  • Family lunches on Sunday after church
  • Birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays
  • Reading books and eating cookies with my grandpa
  • Cooking and baking with my grandma
  • Picking cherries and apples off the trees in the orchard
  • Watching movies on the floor in the garage with my cousins
  • Making quilts and crafts with grandma in the craft room upstairs
  • Playing board games, like Clue and Mouse Trap, and marbles
  • Shooting basket after basket from the free-throw line with my grandpa

After my grandparent’s both passed away, other family members have moved in and made their own memories there, including my own family. Emery spent a couple years in that house, and it’s where we brought Willow home from the hospital. After we moved to Michigan, my cousin and her new husband were able to make it their home. It’s great to see the house live on to be a blessing to another family member.

* Emery & Ace the Batdog playing outside.

Farm house sunrises and sunsets

I am one of those gals who can’t pass up a good sunrise or sunset. I am completely in awe EVERY SINGLE TIME at the beauty of God’s unique and beautiful creations just for our enjoyment. One of the best things about living at the farm was being able to enjoy the sunrises right from our breakfast table. Such a treat!

* Sunrise outside the farm kitchen window.

* Amazing double rainbow captured on the front porch at the farm.

The woodwork & character of the farm house. 

One of the neatest things about living in an old house is the breathtaking woodwork and character that you can’t stop looking at. The neat part about this house was that all of the beautiful woodwork in the house came from a woods back behind the farm!

The squeaks and creaks.

If you’ve ever owned an old house you know how it comes with its funny little quirks. The back door that requires extra love to click it closed, the smaller sized oven that only takes certain sized cookie sheets, the skeleton key locks on some of the old doors, the squeaks and creaks of the floor and doors. Ever try to quietly put a child to sleep in an old house? “Oh, were you trying to move silently? Let me sing you the song of my people!”

The Cornfields 🌽

One of the greatest perks to living in the country is the privacy. The farm was surrounded by fields, and this past summer we were completely surrounded by corn. Although it might seem a little spooky, having a cornfield fence all around your home is quite a cool experience.

* Emery playing outside by the corn.

…for Beauty is found within…. -Beauty & the Beast 🌹

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE flowers. All except carnations that is. Tulips, Hydrangeas, Gladiolus, Calla Lillies, Roses….they pretty much make any day better. The farm house had a lovely assortment of flowers that would bloom at various times during the season all around the property. Aside from the tulips, my favorite ones to watch bloom were from the rose bushes right outside the kitchen window. This past summer my Uncle helped me clean up the flower bed and the roses came back strong! There were a number of times that they literally appeared to have bloomed right out of Beauty and the Beast. Just gorgeous colors and petals, and they smelled so good!

* Flowers from around the farm.

The scoots down the stairs.

At the farm, my son’s bedroom was upstairs and each morning we could hear the sounds of my son bumping his little tush down the steps each morning before running into our room to jump on our bed and wake us up. His sheer joy and giggles as he ran in to greet us each morning was such a fun time.

Airplanes flying close by ✈️

A few miles down the road from the farm was a small municipal airport. Each summer they held a local air show that was pretty outstanding to watch. As a result there was usually at least one pilot out doing some amazing air tricks throughout the year. It was always fun to drive past the airport on our way to town to see if anyone was out practicing their tricks. If it was a really nice day we could sometimes even see them from the house! God knew this was one thing we would miss and blessed us with in our new home being just down the road from the municipal airport here! As I sit here and type I can hear the little planes buzzing overhead. While this may bother some, it sure warms my heart and makes me feel a little closer to back home in Indiana.

* Watching the planes doing air tricks from the house.

* Emery & Aunt Dara by one of the planes used during the air show at the local airport.

Those late night jake breakers… 🚛

For those of you who never visited our home, we used to live on a road that was often frequented by semis. Our home was the perfect jake breaking distance from the stop sign at the end of the road, so we often got an earful as they paraded past our house. When we first moved to this little home we were highly annoyed by them, but as time passed we found ourselves rolling in laughter as the same semi kept his nightly 10:30 appointment past our house.

The 15 minute radius to all family and friends.

In life you tend to take things for granted when you have access to it all the time. This isn’t a foreign concept, but always seems to be brought to our attention when it is taken away. Ryan and I were blessed to have been close to each of our families by about 15 minutes in either direction. It’s rather strange to not be able to just stop by for dinner or go to a younger siblings sporting event or music competition. We have traded those memories for phone calls, FaceTime and texts. Tomorrow is my sweet baby’s first birthday, and I have had a tough time dealing with the fact that it will just be our little family here to celebrate her precious life. Moving has helped me realize how important it is that we make our time together count and to be present in those moments.

* Ramsey family memories.

* Bargerhuff family memories.

Lunch dates with Dad.

One of my favorite parts of living in Kokomo were my lunch dates with my dad. We enjoyed many lunches at Panera Bread for soup and salads, Subway with cookies to go, McAllister’s Deli with lemonades and pickles on the side, and Wendy’s so we could dip our fries in our frosty. Emery and Willow also enjoyed spending those special times with Papa Bargerhuff. Papa’s office usually got a nice dusting when Emery came to visit.

* Lunch memories with Papa.

I smile because you’re my sister, and I laugh because there isn’t anything you can do about it. 😊

This past year since quitting my job to stay home, I had the pleasure of being able to get together with my sister every Wednesday. We were able to spend time just chatting about life and what God was teaching us, doing Zumba together, taking walks around the neighborhood, laughing about silly things on YouTube, or making trips to town to go shopping. I also was able to share in her journey of getting pregnant for their baby due later this year, and that was a really special time for me. She is probably the one I miss most of all, because she’s not just my sister. She’s my best friend. I love you, Bre! 💕

* Memories with my sister, Breanna, and my nieces.

The local eateries 🍦

One thing we really enjoyed was taking family drives over to the nearby playground and local restaurants ‘The Big Dipper‘ and ‘Jefferson Street BBQ‘. It was always a treat to head over to Converse and enjoy some amazing BBQ at Jefferson Street or to have the Brisket and Ice Cream from The Big Dipper. We never left with a bad experience or an appetite! For those of you back home, if you haven’t visited either of those places they are totally worth the drive!

Monday Night Dinners with the Whitten’s.

In life you meet all kinds of people. Some are in your life for a short while and are easily forgotten, but others make such an impression that you can’t forget them even if you try. On Monday nights we had the pleasure of getting together with our dear friends, Stephen and Hayley Whitten for dinner and dessert. After dinner the guys would break off and do their weekly podcast for Elephant in the Pew, while Hayley and I would head to the living room to play games, crochet or watch some Hercule Poirot. We also enjoyed the last two summers attending Symphony on the Prairie together. Stephen and Hayley quickly became a part of our family and are close to our hearts. They are the kinds of friends you can count on to be there no matter what life brings you. Thankfully they are kind enough to make the once a month drive up to visit us for the weekend, so we get to contiue to make great memories together. I can’t wait for next month!

* My best friend, Hayley.

My old work family

Lastly, I haven’t been there for about a year now, but I miss my old coworkers. I worked with a great group of people for almost five years, and I miss getting to be a part of a wonderful place to work where I got to meet and help a lot of different people.

While we have only been here two months, we are slowly starting to get acquainted with different places and make new memories. While it will take awhile to get there, I can’t wait to explore and experience all that our new home has to offer.

If you live in or are familiar with the area, please comment or email me at alyssa@mommygoes.com with your suggestions on what we should do or visit in the coming months. I am excited to hear what you enjoy doing here!



    How special for you to scribe your reflections for posterity. Those reflections made my eyes leak. I too was about 30 when my Michigan experience began. It was a good one. How quickly the pages of the calendar turn. Enjoy the moments. But the heart tug of my Indiana home always remained. “Happy 1st Birthday, Willow Faith!”

  2. Nan

    Glad things seem to be falling into place for you guys Alyssa. You are missed here in Indiana! And please give Willow a big happy birthday hug & kiss from her great Aunt Nan! Love you all!

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