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Mommy Goes….Hand Lettering 101

Hand lettering isn’t something new. It’s like someone took the outdated calligraphy style and gave it a fun modern facelift. From the inspiring quotes on Instagram to the hilarious sayings on mom shirts, it’s EVERYWHERE.

I was introduced to it the summer before Willow was born by a dear friend, Mary Sue, and I was instantly in LOVE! I began following hand lettering artists on Instagram and pinning every cute idea I could find. I started to find fancy quotes that I loved and began to try to copy them by hand. I was able to make do, but it was challenging without much help or guidance.

* This was one of my first ever attempts with Hand Lettering from a couple of summers ago.  You can see my mistakes, but it was so fun to just get creative with it!   I used a Sharpie pen on this one, and I wouldn’t recommend using it.  It easily bled through the paper and lines, even though they are supposedly no-bleed.

A couple of weeks ago someone from the church asked my husband if he knew anyone who could write the names for our Baby Dedications and Baptism certificates in calligraphy. He knew that I had been tinkering with it a bit and mentioned that I might be able to help. I gladly accepted the challenge and couldn’t wait to get started.

Here is what I used to get the basics down:

  •  A basic Paper Mate medium Flair felt tip pen.  You can get a good deal on these HERE.  These worked for this project just fine, but if I was do something like this again I would like to get some of THESE Tombow Dual Brush Pens.  They come in lots of different color options, they don’t bleed, and this pack comes with a blending brush pen. Super fun!  I think these might be more ideal for my next project.
  • This Hand Lettering 101 book was my saving grace on this project.  Ryan purchased it for me off of my Amazon wishlist for my birthday. Find it HERE. I hadn’t had a chance to dig into it yet, and this was the perfect project to do so. I am very much a visual learner, and this book was great!  It has a lot of great tips and practice pages to help you get started.

*Here is some of my practice sketching.  I made sure to write each name out first before writing them on the certificate so I could make sure I had the letter placements right.

At first I wasn’t sure I could do it. I had to redo a few of the certificates more than twice before I got the hang of it, but by the end I was feeling pretty proud of my results. I couldn’t have done it without the lettering book!  The nice part is that she teaches you in two steps.  First you learn how to trace the letters and see where your thicker lines should be on your down strokes.  She has arrows showing you the direction to take your pen each step of the way.  Second you learn how to practice on your own filling in the lines for the downstrokes.

*Here are a few of the certificates for the Baptisms.  The Alphabet Reference on page 49 of the book was really helpful in helping me remember my strokes as I completed these certificates.


*I got to do the certificates for my kiddos too since they were also dedicated on Sunday.

As fun as it was to complete my first lettering project, nothing beat the excitement of getting to put a face with each of the names that I had prayed over while writing out each of those certificates.  I am a big cry baby when it comes to baptisms and child dedications. There isn’t much that is truly more beautiful than seeing the joy of Jesus on each person’s face as they come up out of that water!!

*Here are my sweet kiddos during their child dedications. What a blessing to be able to dedicate both of our children the same day!

Enjoy this short video of some of the baptisms from this past weekend. The guy doing the baptisms isn’t too shabby either. 😉

Looking forward to branching out on some more lettering projects in the future.  Make sure to check out the book HERE (and the other items mentioned earlier in my post) if you’re interested in getting started yourself!  I have found that it is a fun and cheap stress relieving activity, and I can’t wait to find more things to make!


If you have tinkered with Hand Lettering I would really enjoy seeing your projects!  Or if you have specific tools or resources that you have used to help you perfect your craft I would love to hear about them!  Please email me at and show me how you Hand Letter! 🙂

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